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These web pages have been created by me as a way to keep myself abreast with the web design and development, and also to be familiar with the various web standards. As a result, all the pages on this website are strictly according to the XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 standards, and have been validated by the W3C . The respective logos appear below. Valid XHTML 1.1 Valid CSS!

Although many features originally used in the design were taken from CSS 3.0, I eventually removed most of them since CSS 3.0 is still in development phase and W3C does not yet provide any validation for it.

This website is also meant to demonstrate the beauty and power of CSS. All the styling and formatting is purely done through CSS, and all the pages on this website are tableless. Also, the number of images used is minimal. If more power of CSS is desired to be seen, I strongly recommend a visit to the CSS Zen Garden.

Even though all web browers will display all the content on this website, it has been designed to look best in Mozilla's Firefox browser. So, if you don't have it, it is highly recommended that you please download and install it. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, specially the versions 6 and lower, provide very poor CSS standard compatibility (and their box model is not the standard one) because of which many features are not visible in IE, although I have taken pains to incorporate rounded corners design for the IE browsers. Strangely enough, it still remains the most used web browser! Although Microsoft has improved certain standard compatibility support in their new IE 8, it still lacks most of the good ones. Fortunately, most of the other browsers (including Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari, and Opera) provide a good CSS standard support.

Note: All external hyperlinks in this website, marked by the icon , open in the same window/tab.


Support the non-profit organization, Mozilla, to market their web browser Firefox. Firefox is an open-source 100% organic software. Spread the word and use Firefox. Firefox

Support and use Linux, a class of open-source unix-based free operating systems. It comes in various flavors to suit your needs. I mainly use Ubuntu desktop linux. Linux Ubuntu

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