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select graduate coursework at iowa state university Parallel Algorithms and Programming (CprE 526) Parallel Algorithms for Scientific Applications (CpreE 626) Probabilistic Methods in Computer Engineering (CprE 594) Distributed Algorithms (ComS 612) Fundamental Algorithms in Computational Biology (CprE 548) Computational Geometry (ComS 518) Theory of Computation (ComS 531) Database Implementation (ComS 562) Principles of Compiling (CprE 540) Computer Systems Architecture (CprE 581)
select graduate course projects Parallel algorithm for single linkage clustering Developed a novel parallel algorithm for single-linkage hierarchical clustering of multi-dimensional data points for the distributed-memory message-passing model of computation Theoretical analysis of distributed file systems Various distributed file systems were modeled using the distributed shared memory computation model. This was then used to theoretically analyze three prominent file systems { NFS, AFS and GFS, to classify them according to the data consistency models for distributed shared memory systems. Fault resiliency provided by these file systems was also theoretically analyzed.
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